Happy Hour Menu

  1. $7.95West TeaLong Island Ice Tea/ Blue Long Island Ice Tea
  2. $7.95West PunchRum Punch/ Conoconut Rum Punch
  3. $7.95West MartiniApple Martini/ Peach Martini/ Raspberry Martini
  4. $7.95West MargaritaClassic Margarita with Salt or Sugar Rim
  5. $7.95West Blue JuiceVodka, Pineapple Juice & Blue Curaçao
  6. $7.95West HurricaneDark Rum, Light Rum, Orange Juice, Lime, Passion Fruit, Grenadine & Simple Syrup
  1. $7.95Shrimp CocktailThree Jumbo Shrimp Served With a Special Marinated Sauce  Martini Style
  2. $8.95Champagne MusselsMussels Sauteed in Garlic Butter Sauce, Herbs & Spices, steamed in a Creamy Champagne Sauce - Served with Garlic Bread
  3. $7.95Conch FrittersFour Conch Fritters Served with the West Signature Conch Sauce
  4. $9.95Crab Dip & NachosJumbo Crab Meat Sauteed with Garlic, Herbs & Spices and Folded into our Signature Cheese Sauce, Baked until Golden Brown- Served with Nachos